Safe Communities

In recent years, crime and violence in Arab society have increased to unprecedented levels, with over 50% of violent crime in Israel effecting Arab citizens. Coupled with a history of under-policing and tense relations with the Israeli police, Arab communities are struggling to provide personal safety for their residents. In this field, the Abraham Initiatives runs models for community action and community-based policy. Through building capacity in local Arab leadership and educating Israel's National Police, the Abraham Initiatives has over a decade of the experience necessary to build safer communities.

This year’s Personal Security Index for 2018 details the reality of crime and violence which is severely affecting Arab Communities in Israel The report was based on over 718 face-to-face interviews. Available in both Hebrew and Arabic, an English summary of highlights can be found at the back of the report.

Click here for an English only report.

Click on image for a glimpse of The Personal Security Index of Arab citizens in Israel from 2017.

Info-graphic looking at the sense of personal security in Arab communities in Israel.

This program is co-funded by the U.S. Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI)
and the European Union.


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